An implementation of IConverter interface for Patch class.
Converter is an independent driver implementing IDriver and IConverter,
which simply converts a patch,
which is imported from a file or MIDI input,
into it's associated with to another format.


createPatches(byte[] sysex)
If extractPatch returns an array of Patches whose drivers are set properly, override this by;
public IPatch[] createPatch(byte[] sysex) {
    return extractPatch(new Patch(sysex, this));
extractPatch(Patch p)
Convert a bulk patch into an array of single and/or bank patches.
don't overide these:
isBankDriver(), isConverter(), isSingleDriver()

Interface IConverter:

Converter class is an implementation of this interface.
It is an independent driver implementing IDriver.
An implementation of ISingleDriver (ex. Driver class) may also implement this interface.
IPatch[] createPatches(byte[] sysex)
Create an array of patches from a byte array of SysexMessage for the
driver. Used for a byte array read from a Sysex file.
@param sysex: a byte array of SysexMessage.
@return an array of IPatch value.
see DriverUtil#createPatches(byte[]) and DriverUtil#createPatches(byte[], Device)