3. Step-by-step: Editors

First create a visual composition of your GUI, then add the functionality. To help you , here are some links:
  1. A list of all SysexWidgets.
  2. The Java/Swing lessons: Laying Out Components Within a Container.
  3. An explanation of the Parameter Model and Sender mechanics.
  4. A list of all editors with short descriptions about their Parameter Models and Senders.

3.1 synthPatchEditor

3.1.1. Create a class extending core.PatchEditorFrame
3.1.2. Create a number of JPanes and place controls inside them using the addWidget method. Then insert these JPanes onto scrollPane (the background of the window) , created by SynthLib.
3.1.3. Tabs can be used with the standard Swing function, but are optional
3.1.4. Simple example: YamahaTX81z Editor

3.2 synthBankEditor

This is not mentioned in the Programmer's Guide, so we'll have to write the documentation ourselves.
Most times, the standard BankEditor is already sufficient to edit banks..
3.1.1. Create a class extending core.BankEditorFrame
To be continued ...