On this page, we would like to offer you a step by step guide to write a driver for your synth.
It's based on the development of our own drivers so in some cases, your road map may vary.
To have a general example, the synth we're writing a driver for here is called "synth". (how original)

The structure of the step-by-step tutorial follows the structure of the quick-start-guide, but is a more detailed version of it.


1. Start a new project
2. Library support
2.1. synthDevice
2.2. synthPatchDriver
2.3. synthBankDriver
3. Editors
3.1. synthPatchEditor
3.2. synthBankEditor
3.3. synthParameterModel
3.4. synthParameterSender
3.5. SysexWidgets
4. GUI
5. Testing
5.1. Edit Makefile, starting at line 105 where you have to add a line about your driver.
6. Contribute your code
6.1. make a patch using diff