XML Driver Guide

What is the XML Driver?

The XML Driver was designed to simplify the process of writing a driver.

Librarian support

You create the XML describing your sysex, and you should have basic librarian functionality.

Example 1: YamahaMotif ( org/jsynthlib/jsynthlib/ synthdrivers/yamaha/motif/ YamahaMotif.xml )
It's not a very good example as the Yamaha Motif needs an incredibly complicated driver that was never finished.
Other files this example uses are normal_voice.xml (which describes patch)
and normal_voice.groovy and test2.xml .

Example 2: YamahaCS2xXML
This driver is being developed.

XML tags:

Editor Builder

To create an editor you use EditorBuilder, where you just drag and drop the pieces to create your UI.
Run it by entering "java org.jsynthlib.editorbuilder" in your terminal.
It then loads the XML driver and should give a list of all the parameters you defined.
Now you can drag them to arrange them as you want.

I'm not sure about this, but maybe you can run "java org.jsysnthlib.ParameterFrame" . I just discovered this has a main method too.
Maybe this method is called from editorbuilder.