6. Contribute your code

6.1. make a patch using diff in you terminal:
diff -Naur JSynthLib_old JSynthLib_new > JSynthLib.patch
Here I presume you have the original source of JSynthLib in the folder JSynthLib_old,
and a folder JSynthLib_new
-where your device is added to synthdrivers.properties with DeviceListWriter, and Makefile is edited-.
More info about making patches
Now you have a patch file
-> to create an issue from on Codereview (this is optional but easy)
-> and to add to the SourceForge patch-tracker.

For the Codereview tool, you need a Google account, and then you can
upload your diffs in different ways...
-> Use the provided "upload.py" Python script, which you run from your JSynthLib SVN working dir.
It will create a diff of your changes and upload them to codereview,
automatically selecting the right repository. You can then add a
description and use the "Publish+Mail Comments" function to send a
mail requesting for code review to the mailing list. (like Chris Arndt did)

For SourceForge, you just need a SourceForge account, go to "Tracker" on the JSynthLib develop page and then go to
"Patches", click on "Add new", add a summary and description and upload your patch file (also called a "diff".)