JSynthLib Newbie wiki

A wiki created by and for newbies in the JSynthLib world who have no programming experience at all, to help writing a driver.
If you have ideas to improve it, please join us in our effort.

Why this wiki ?

There is a good programming guide and users guide already, but it's not as dynamic as a wiki or a forum,
and it expects you to already have some programming experience.
You can also search the mailing list's archive for more information. If you find information that would fit here, please post it for the ones who will follow.
If you can't read the javadoc at home, browse the Javadoc for core classes here.
note: the latest programming guide is not yet on JSynthLib.org.
note: browse for source files online here.
Download this wiki for local browsing and no adds.

Because we think that this project needs more than just
condescending help from Java/SVN/Sourceforge gurus, we created this wiki.

This way, the newbies won't have to bother the experienced developers with their silly questions,
and the experienced developers can concentrate on the core functionalities and reviewing
"finished" code written by newbies.

After all, JsynthLib was intended for musicians, sound engineers
and they are not always the most technical savvy out there.

There's also a Facebook group for JSynthLib users.

Structure of this wiki ?

The main structure is what you see on the left in the navigation.

1. Before you start is about requirements and setting everything up to get started.
2. Quick start guide is an overview of the most common files to write.
3. Step-by-step is the more detailed tutorial that should make writing a driver something everyone can do.
4. JSynthLib Javadoc is the explaining list of methods, ...
5. Java general is about general Java.
6. System Exclusive is about System Exclusive in JSynthLib and in general.
7. Using JSynthLib is to make links from the GUI interfaces to the methods.
8. How to ... is a place to post your questions, and fill in the answers when you found them.
9. Iterative design process is a general object oriented programming design method.

Notes :
  1. If you're looking for a page on this wiki but can't find it, you may have to create it or you may find it at the allpages page. This may result in some chaos at times, but better info in chaos than no info.
  2. To give examples we also link to other wiki's like spd-11.wikispaces.com
  3. For members of linuxmusicians forum who don't want to join wikispaces: you can always leave a message on this topic.


A short JSynthLib Guide created in order to describe the required steps to setup JSynthLib for a MIDIbox properly.(English and Spanish version)
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JSynthLib on ohloh, for if you want to read/write a review about JSynthLib.
Novation Nova 1 Bank A and B factory patches and performances (single dump format) in JSynthLib format.
Sysex Database A place to get or share sysex files.
Patch Arena Another place to share patches.

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